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Beaumont, Texas 0 comments

I ordered two pair of shoes for a total of $58.30.When I had not received them within a couple of weeks, I started emailing vendor.

No response. When the charges came in, I disputed them through PayPal. PayPal investigated and denied my claim due to they were provided a tracking number showing the shoes had shipped.

A couple weeks later I received a 6"x4" envelope from China with a junky sponge in it.

This package had the tracking number they were claiming were my shoes.

Filed another dispute with credit card company, who also turned me down due to PayPal was able to provide tracking number with delivery. I then called PayPal and went over all the details, including the small sponge which was supposed to be my shoes.

Finally, PayPal is refunding my money and has put a flag on Shoemallstyle and will investigate.Looks like I was not the only one being scammed.

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Holly Hill, South Carolina 2 comments

Just like so many other people recently, I too purchased shoes/boots from this erroneous seller.Immediately after receiving an order confirmation, the website simply disappeared.

After numerous failed attempts to contact the seller, I filed dispute claims with paypal as well. Of course, the seller sent me a small package in order to provide proof of shipping. What a scam. The parcel I received was a tiny rubber pencil in a tiny shipping envelope.

Definitely not the Crocband Croc shoes I ordered. This scam turned out to be a crock! Ha! Perhaps, I should contact the USPS Postmaster General next.

This constitutes mail fraud...that's a felony!



Same here.File a claim with PalPal but then CALL THME.

They know about the issue and will immediately refund your money.If you go though the website they will make you return the product to get you money back, which will cost as much as the amount you were scammed


Same story as mine.*** rubber pencil.

Paypal will refund but you get a better and quicker response by calling them directly after filing the case online under the resolution center.

Good luck.

PS I learned my lesson - never order from websites I have never heard of before.

Scam from

Alief, Texas 0 comments

Purchased two pair Ariat boots on website for $139.50.Received a order confirmation from company.

Said 7-10 days free shipping. Received nothing. Then out of the blue got a small package in mall that we had to sign for from China. It was a small scrubbing sponge.

I thought just an advertisement thing. Started emailing seller, no responses. Contacted Paypal and filed a claim. Seller responded with a shipping number and Paypal believes this is proof of shipment.

Wrong! The shipment was that sponge. I confirmed at USPS the number provided by the seller and sure enough that was it! I was frauded and bought a sponge for $139.50.

Thankfully Paypal backed their service and refunded me completely. Beware of these overseas sellers with free shipping. The web site looked very legit and operated much like others.

A complete scam.I've found others in blogs had same experience.

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